Database of HISP Practitioners

Please find listed below all the HISP Practitioners.  ONLY the people listed below are valid HISP Practitioner regardless of what may be advertised elsewhere.  To find your closest HISP Practitioner by postcodeclick here.

HISP Practitioners are clinical hypnotherapists who have additional training/experience of using hypnotherapy with children and are members of HISP meaning that they have attended the HISP Practitioner training course.  They are practitioners in their own right who follow their own procedures and policies supplemented by those laid out by HISP, and as such, HISP Practitioners are not employed by HISP and are responsible for their own conduct as an individual therapists.  Any setting employing a HISP Practitioner is advised to carry out their own necessary checks (i.e. DBS) as per their own organisational policy.


  • Caroline Dyson (DIRECTOR) – EMAIL:  TEL: 07779 101789 or 0121-240 0694  WEB:
  • Laura Watkins – EMAIL:  TEL: 07547 374909  WEB:
  • Sue Grainger EMAIL:  TEL: 07512 762546  WEB:


  • Jacki PritchardEMAIL:  TEL: 07850 045929  WEB: 


  • Linda Johnston –  TEL: 07971 700267 WEB:
  • Jessica Osbourne – EMAIL:  TEL: 07895 787924  WEB:
  • Pauline Hetherington –  EMAIL:  TEL: 07976 281155  WEB:
  • Karen Wells –  EMAIL:  TEL:  07496 187676 WEB:
  • Charlotte Jarvis –  EMAIL:  TEL: 07763 827774  WEB:


  • Loraine Makowski-Heaton –  EMAIL: TEL: 07703 294953  WEB:


  • Cristina Vasiliu –  EMAIL: TEL: 07624 260278 WEB: