HISP for Groups

Which pupils can it help?

  • Aged 11 years or older
  • Have a cognitive ability of at least a 5 year old
  • Have a receptive language ability of at least a 5 year old
  • Have no history of psychosis
  • Are willing to engage with the intervention
  • Are willing to make a change
  • Are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the sessions
  • Do not have significant other issues/needs

Group packages run with a maximum of 4 pupils per group. It is suggested that pupils within a group are of the same gender and approximately the same age.

What issues can it help with?

There is currently one group package available:

  • Exam anxiety

Further packages are being developed. If you have an issue you would like a group package for, please contact Caroline Dyson (Director of HISP) to discuss this. Not all issues are suitable for group packages.

How to refer a group of pupils

If you are a school and would like to refer a group for HISP, please contact Caroline Dyson (or your nearest HISP Practitioner) who will send you the referral forms and provide you with more details.

What’s involved?

Once a group has been referred, the HISP Practitioner will arrange an initial assessment session where they will come into school and speak with staff (and parents if appropriate) before conducting a session with all the pupils in the group. Assuming they feel each pupil is suitable after this session, the intervention will then run for approximately 6 weeks, with a 30-45 minute session conducted within school every week. HISP Practitioners will bring all necessary equipment so all the school need to provide is a quiet and private space where the session will not be disturbed. As part of the programme, each pupil in the group will be given a hypnotherapy CD to support their sessions which they will be asked to listen to at school/home. At the end of the intervention, a report will be submitted to school which will include evaluation data and impact measures.