What issues can it help?

HISP aims to help with issues that are negatively affecting a pupil’s ability to learn effectively.  These issues may include:

·    Low self-esteem
·    Lack of confidence
·    Dealing with feelings e.g. anger, stress, anxiety,
·    Symptoms of diagnosed issues, e.g. ASD, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks
·    Self-harming, e.g. cutting, scratching, hair pulling
·    Attachment issues
·    Enuresis and encopresis (wetting and soiling)
·    Difficulties with concentration, memory and organisation
·    Habit breaking, e.g. thumb sucking, hair pulling,
·    Anxieties / phobias, e.g. exams, school, social, public speaking, answering/asking questions,
·    Eating issues, e.g. fussy eating, weight control, worries about eating in public
·    Sleeping difficulties, e.g. nightmares, night terrors, struggling to get to sleep
·    Speech and language issues, e.g. stammers, selective mute
·    Pain control, e.g. headaches, stomach aches

This list is by no means exhaustive.  If there is an issues that is not listed above,please get in touch to see if HISP can help and would be suitable.